May 1, 2018

Make an Investment in Technology and Bring about Efficiency for Years

In March 2012, when it was announced by Clipsal that it is going to close its Strathalbyn factory, this was really a  gloomy day for the company as well as the businesses,  surrounding the area of the company. apart from them, the South Australian Manufacturing Industry had also suffered for it.

the site is going to see a ray of hope in the year of 2018.

Treadwell Group which is a globally recognized fibreglass turnkey solutions provider has extended their helping hands to the factory. Treadwell Group began its journey long ago, in the year of 1994 and their headquarter is situated in Adelaide, South Australia. since then, it has been expanding the operation in order to have a rapid growth. From the beginning till today, Treadwell Group is committed to convert the factory with the latest technologies including strategic tweaks to the one which is completely functional in complementing its operations in the area of North Plympton.

according to Jon Butcher, who is the Managing Director it is necessary to keep manufacturing in the Southern regions of Australia, along with growth. he added,

“We have invested heavily in technology and bringing about efficiency over the years, strongly keeping our manufacturing presence a South Australian one. We are keen to not only support our business with this expansion but to support local communities and businesses around the region with it.”

Lachlan Butcher, who is the Sales Director stressed that sustainable growth is needed to be paired along with this acquisition. He said,

“It is still essential that this site remains competitive and sustainable on the world map in the long run so that both internal and external shareholders, direct or indirect, can enjoy the benefits.”

Treadwell will come back soon with more.