Treadwell’s range of StickSAFE® cleats and tapes suit situations where there is a need to add safety tapes to a machine, signs or to a confined space.

StickSAFE® Marking Tape

This unique marking tape has heavy duty self-adhesive features and made durable. They are designed categorically for the purpose of floor marking, making the product most suitable for industrial usage.


StickSAFE® Marking Tape Specifications

StickSAFE® Anti-Slip Tape

StickSAFE® Anti-Slip Tape has the ability to enhance traction and provide an economical solution to effectively prevent falls, slips and trips. They are hard wearing and convenient to install.


StickSAFE® Anti-Slip Tape Specifications

StickSAFE® Anti-Slip Cleats

Easily installed in almost any environment, StickSAFE® Anti-Slip Cleats are available with signage. Abrasive and self-adhesive in nature, these cleats greatly enhance traction in slippery areas.


StickSAFE® Anti-Slip Cleats Specifications