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Treadwell Group is one the most established names in the supply of engineered FRP products and solutions in Australia.
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Treadwell Offers FRP Solutions for Industries

Treadwell Group

The core business divisions at Treadwell Group have been developed and evolved around the latest composites technology in fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) solutions and anti-slip material. We are dedicated to ensuring true value to our clients through effective application of our extensive and distinct range of FRP composite products and systems. With consistent improvement and change of our offerings in FRP grating, FRP handrails and more, we gain experience with each successful project in delivering unequalled FRP solutions to a varied range of industries which includes the mining, marine, oil and gas, public infrastructure, general industry and the food and beverage sectors. The evolution of our products made from this exceptional anti-slip material has been concentrated on extending design life in many applications, allowing us to continue our commitment to satisfy and value add to our client’s endeavours.

Our FRP Solutions & Anti-Slip Material

The safe access and egress of the personnel in the elevated, confined as well as the corrosive areas are some of the biggest challenges that most industries face today. Treadwell recognizes the valuable properties of FRP solutions and this has resulted in the development of anti-slip FRP grating, FRP handrails and more.

ArchitEX™ is the distinct range of FRP structural profiles by Treadwell. Widely used in FRP structures and other construction FRP purposes, the total range of ArchitEX™ profiles ensures superior strength to increase the framework and infrastructure, along with other benefits of FRP.

Treadwell offers various cable instrumentation with the EXduro™ range of FRP solutions. These products are corner stone to both domestic and industrial sectors. EXduro™ features fibreglass cable trays, instrumentation stands & FRP support accessories.

SAFE-SERIES™ is Treadwell’s focus on the anti-slip matters and specialises in a wide array of anti-slip solutions for every surface application. These systems are well proven and come with a selection of styles and colours to fit just about any situation.

Treadwell’s FRP answer to providing secure and safe structural and access solutions in electrically sensitive or corrosive environments. Constructed from premium resin systems, we have successfully applied our FRP solution across a diverse range of industries.

Treadwell's SecurEX® FRP fencing system is suited for a wide range of applications including substations, switch yards, rail corridor and much more.

EnviroTREAD™ is dedicated to public infrastructure in the urban space with the complete and unique range of engineered FRP products.

Treadwell strongly believes that water and how it is managed is of great importance to sustaining life. Protection and treatment of our precious water supply is crucial. EcoEX™ was specifically conceived to make the best use of composite technology to concentrate on the water and wastewater industries.

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