FRP Non-Slip Grating & Anti-Slip Decking of Treadwell EX-Series®

GratEX® FRP Moulded Grating

Our extensive range of FRP composite grating structures is noted for possessing great bi-directional strength characteristics for an effective anti-slip deck that is more versatile than any other product in this field.


MoultrEX® FRP Moultruded Grating

Combining the traits of GratEX® and GridEX®, MoultrEX® is an exceptional non-slip FRP grating system that possess amazing bi-directional strengths and high point loading, making this grating type well suited as an anti-slip decking option for urban spaces.


GridEX® FRP Pultruded Grating

GridEX® is Treadwell’s pultruded FRP grating range which provides fantastic uni-directional strength and boasts the highest point loading capability.


EX-Series® FRP Stair Treads

Treadwell’s FRP stair treads are readily available in pultruded as well as moulded grating profiles with a range of anti-slip options. The resin systems can be isopthalic, vinyl ester or phenolic fire retardant in nature and are ideal for both domestic and commercial applications.


EX-Series® P Series® Phenolic Grating

The P-Series® range of FRP or phenolic fibreglass grating by Treadwell is considered ideal for settings where the chances of fire and smoke are high.


Conductive Grating

While typical FRP grating has amazing non-conductive abilities, there are instances where conductive grating is required. Treadwell’s conductive grating drains off the build-up of unwanted static electricity when grounded.


EX-Series® FRP Grating Accessories

The ACCESS SYSTEMS of Treadwell are supported with a diverse portfolio of fastening products to meet each challenging scenario that our clients might face.


EX Series® Grating Product Guide

Treadwell's collection of FRP grating solutions includes an extensive range of grating with a wide range of ancillary components and fixings. For the complete range and technical details of our FRP grating offerings, please refer to our EX-Series®Grating Product Guide.