EX-Series® FRP Handrail Systems

RailEX® FRP handrail system from Treadwell’s ACCESS SYSTEMS range is a patented quality industrial composite handrail system. The system demonstrates durability, robustness as well as versatility in all the fittings. These traits make the FRP handrail system exceptional to be used in different industrial applications as well as a varied range of industries. RailEX® offered are available in the form of a fabricated handrail panels ready to be used for any given installation or as components.

Smooth and Compatible Designs

As compared to traditional solutions, the safety handrail systems from Treadwell negates the need for drafting, engineering as well as onsite fabrication. It also reduces the installation costs. The handrail system from Treadwell can be extended or adapted with additional components. Pre-engineered kits are supplied as a series of components with simple assembly instructions. With our clients in mind, Treadwell aims to minimise the cost of maintenance and repairs, and damaged components with easily with spare parts, available ex-stock.

Simple Zero Weld Assembly

It comes as an added advantage that the FRP handrail kits are assembled through a simple, zero weld construction procedure and this is highly effective in minimising the chances of corrosion actuation. The designs, as well as the fittings of Treadwell's RailEX, ® do not require permits for hot works, specialist trades, welding protection to the finished surfaces and fire spotters. The use of fibreglass enhances safety for installers by disposing toxic fumes, welding in wet areas and fire risk hazards.

Both round and square shapes are available with the RailEX®range:



These systems offer the perks of a traditional guardrail system without the subsequent issues such as the need for hot works permit that is required for onsite modifications, welding as well as corrosion to name a few. Treadwell’s exclusive safety fibreglass handrail system is the first to be tested and adhered to AS 1657 – 2018. The features of the system comprises of non-conductive properties, corrosive resistance, customised fabrication, lower maintenance and a long-lasting design life.


With the flexibility to supply handrail as either components or modulated panels to suit your exact requirements, RailEX® is definitely the “fit and forget” safety handrail system.

Materials of Construction

RailEX® FRP handrail is constructed from fiberglass rovings combined with a blend of thermosetting resin systems. All of the resins used in the production of EX-Series® products contain UV inhibitors and fire retardant additives.

frp railings railex-round

RailEX® Componentry



Designed to complement the comprehensive range of corrosion resistant structural solutions, RailEX® provides an exceptional solution for the harshest of destructive, corrosive and chemical laden environments internally and externally.


All RailEX® components are entirely manufactured from FRP and coated with two pack UV resistant coating in order to offer peace of mind associated to exposure to the elements.