FRP Baffle Walls

Treadwell offers a premium solution to control flow in related applications with our EcoEX™ range in line with our offerings for odour control. EcoEX™ engineered FRP baffle walls are an effective solution to meet requirements in wastewater treatment flow control as well as dealing with potable water. EcoEX™ FRP baffle and partition walls compose of high-grade fibreglass panels, angles and framing sections that meet your specifications. All EcoEX™ walls are certified as per AS 4020 Standard for processing potable water.

Ideal for New or Retrofit Basins

EcoEX™ baffle walls are a proven solution for both retrofitting existing basins and new basins. These panels withstand corrosion well, unlike traditional materials, and are more cost effective. Their light weightiness means quick and easy installation. Maintenance efforts are also easier as they can be taken down easily for cleaning and other purposes.

Design Versatility and Flexibility

EcoEX™ is designed to withstand repeated cyclic loading conditions associated with high winds and fluid dynamic pressures due to its significantly increased strength to modus ration than steel. Our ArchitEXE™ structural members can also cope with high impacts and shocks.

Typical Configurations & Options