Treadwell ACCESS SYSTEMS - Grating, Handrails & Ladders

The biggest challenge faced in many industries in elevated areas, corrosive areas and confined spaces or all of these is the safe access of personnel there. Even though various conventional solutions have been and are still offered today, it was in the early 1990’s that Treadwell recognised the limitations of these materials used on existing structures as compared with the flexibility, durability and non-corrosive properties of Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) products. Treadwell’s remarkable innovation in composites flourished from there to lead the inception of the ACCESS SYSTEMS range.

The range of Treadwell ACCESS SYSTEMS products are manufactured from FRP composites. These products are light in weight but offer heavy strength. This non-conductive and non-corrosive FRP material has the ability to face any challenging situations. Due to the adaptability of Treadwell’s EX-Series® FRP Ladders, EX-Series® Grating and EX-Series® Handrails, we help our clients to achieve the ultimate access solutions. The utilisation of Treadwell's ACCESS SYSTEMS will ensure significant asset longevity, effortless installation, and exceptionally lower maintenance costs.

The advantages of FRP have been experienced in different industries, organisations, organisations and sectors that include public infrastructure, oil and gas industries, mining industries, industrial processing units and more.

The Treadwell ACCESS SYSTEMS range

Treadwell’s EX-Series® FRP Grating is engineered to be applied to a multitude of environments where anti-slip grating is subject to continuous spills, fumes, electrical dangers, submersions or splashes. In such challenging environments, FRP grating easily outperforms the traditional grating options. All of Treadwell’s grating are easily customisable to specifications.


We react to the progressive demand of an easily installed, maintenance free and durable handrail system with our range of RailEX® FRP Handrails. These products are renowned as a reliable and safe handrail system.


Our FRP Ladders and cage systems provide all the benefits that FRP offers, including electrical transparency and great ability to resist corrosion.