Treadwell EXduro™ - FRP Instrumentation Stands and Push Button Stands

EXduro™ stands made from pultruded composite material, is renowned for having high tensile strength. The fibreglass stands offered by Treadwell are built with a vinylester tube as well as base system. This means that the EXduro™ system would cost much less than an identical stainless steel option.

EXduro™ FRP stands are undoubtedly light in nature and they offer greater results when compared to galvanized and steel alternatives. This lightweight characteristic ensures that our stands can be installed without any hassle. Another benefit is that they require little or no maintenance. The FRP stands do not rust even when exposed to the elements and/or chemicals.

EXduro™ FRP instrumentation stands can be customised to any requirement or configuration, including large mounting panel (station/switch rack) type designs, single or double post, weight requirements or any other mounting requirements. These stands involve minimal time to install because of its easy fit and cut design. Apart from that, they are also compatible with metallic structures and bases. These structures can be easily assembled on the site which in turn provides time and cost savings.