Treadwell EcoEX™

Water and odour management will always be critical to society. Safeguarding of our most important life sustaining asset, water, must be treated with utmost care and with the most advanced technology available. We are continually improving our product systems to treat water and wastewater and extending asset life. We effectively utilise the latest technology and offer proven methods for treating odorous matter.

EcoEX™ SureLine® & SureLine® HD FRP Odour Control Covers present the most efficient and effective odour control cover system available anywhere, bringing the benefits associated with FRP to the table.

Treadwell’s baffle walls prevent chlorine contamination within chlorine contact basins and other related dosing process system tanks. Our baffle walls can also be customised to withstand sloshing loads in earthquake environments to minimise damage to existing concrete structures.

Chemically and structurally engineered to resist a wide range of acids and corrosive matter, EcoEX™ ducting is resistant to the damaging effects of most consuming environments.

Designed and engineered to withstand corrosive fumes, EcoEX™ stacks are unaffected by virtually all bacteriological corrosion and is constructed with built-in protection against rust.