GratEX® FRP Hygi-GR8® Treads & Grating Can Be Installed in Food Processing Plants

To complement the expansion of operations and profitability by a fruit processing company with the installation of a modern, state of the art, fruit portion cup processing line, they required extensive walkway and stairway systems for accessibility.

With the view of improving the production facility, our client also wished reduce produce falling through the grating and becoming entrapped on top of the support members, creating a hygiene issue. Treadwell had already developed the perfect solution with its GratEX® FRP HygiGR8®, having proved itself many times previously in similar applications, it was the obvious choice.

The HygiGR8® system is designed to prevent the possibility of objects falling through grating onto support members or brackets, thus making cleaning an easier and far more efficient process. This is achieved through the unique layout of Hygi-GR8® panels that incorporate a solid top section of customisable width around the edge of each panel so that the beams that make up the substructure are covered by the solid band.

The install also incoporated the HygiGR8® Tread Kits on all stairways. The HygiGR8® Tread follows similar principles to achieve maximum flexibility for a huge variety of applications as well as to surpass stringent hygiene standards.

Today, the GratEX® FRP HygiGR8®system is installed in multiple food processing plants across Australasia, allowing hygienic and safe walkways, stairways and drain grates at these places.