Boat Ramp Facility Stops Corrosion by Using FRP Sections and Grating

Treadwell provided a complete turnkey solution in the redesign of this boat ramp, including a comprehensive design and engineering process where drafting and BOMs consisting the supply of fibreglass ArchitEX™ and GratEX™ products to complete the project to Treadwell’s specification were supplied.

FRP is known for its durability and impervious nature to the corrosive coastal environment. Further, given the light weight nature of the material, the installation team experienced the ease with which fibreglass products can be handled. Installation in environments with limitations like these are hugely simplified by using a lightweight and easily maneuvered product.

All ArchitEX™ and GratEX™ products are offered with 100% colour matching within the pigmentation to any RAL or Australian Standards colour of your choice. A robust and attractive polyurethane coating which doubles as a sealant and with further colouration means that Treadwell’s FRP structures have exterior protection that is made stronger against corrosive coastal conditions. As a result, the structure will remain looking great, well into their long design life.