We Made Navigational Aids Even More Durable

The maintenance coordinators of the Port Authority came to the conclusion that most of the navigational aid structures were required some modifications in order to ensure the accessibility and longevity of the structures. Heavy deterioration of the channel navigational aid structures were starting to show due to constant exposure to the elements.

It was a joint decision to cut off the beacon piles above the water level and change the beacon tops with bolts on the beacons to simplify future replacement and repair process. At the same time, we also decided to regulate all beacons with interchangeable and adjustable beacon tops, and upgrading the ladder systems to reduce their further maintenance cost.

In response, Treadwell offered the low maintenance and easy to install FRP maritime solution with the selection of FRP grating, handrails, structural sections and hatches. Additionally, FRP is RF transparent and non-conductive, which makes FRP highly suitable for the application.