Treadwell’s EnviroTREAD™ Composite Boardwalk Reconstruction at Snapper Point

Our EnviroTREAD™ composite boardwalks are installed at Snapper Point, South Australia. After storm damage to the original timber structure, we offered a corrosion resistant and zero maintenance material for the access boardwalk.

Treadwell worked closely with an established construction company to provide a complete engineered composite solution. The turnkey solution included detailed design, third party engineering and supply of the complete structure and associated ancillary materials. As a result of the detailed services provided by Treadwell, our clients were offered ease of installation and peace of mind for all the parties involved in the project.

The access to this site was limited with the only access being 200 metres north. So, it means that the materials had to be transported with a 5-tonne excavator. Due to the light weight feature of FRP, transport was hastened verses alternative materials like timber or steel.

Treadwell’s EnviroTREAD™ FRP composite boardwalks system offers an infinite customisable solutions that will suit every application. That particular project required anti-slip grating and custom colours to match the design specified.

The access boardwalk at the Snapper Point Beach is one of those many projects that have been completed within the contractual time frames and on budget.