FRP Pedestrian Bridge Across Crooks River

The Cooks River, a semi-mature tide dominated drowned valley estuary, is a tributary of Botany Bay, located in south-eastern Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Enclosed within the metropolitan area which includes extensive recreational areas, the pedestrian bridge needed to span across the length of an existing traffic access.

For this project, Treadwell proposed the use of Solid Surface grating for pedestrian loading on the structure.

The location presented various challenges such as access to the site with heavy traffic, environmental concerns, as well as the ease of handling the product.

Because FRP grating is light weight, it was easily installed. The specifications desired meant that the grating was cut to suit; minor amendments could be carried out with simple tools. Treadwell’s FRP grating is also non-reactive to the surrounding and will not pose a concern to the surroundings. Given the non-corrosive nature and need for minimal maintenance, the product was well suited for the construction of the pedestrian bridge.