GratEX® Provides a Zero Maintenance Solution to Boardwalk and Viewing Platform Deck

In an untouched natural landscape, GratEX® offered the perfect zero maintenance alternative to homogeneous decking products. Unobtrusively fitting into the existing features of the landscape, the FRP surface on this boardwalk will continue to provide safe and secure footing for many years to those who wish to experience the natural beauty of this area.

Contrasting cleverly with the raw steel beams, GratEX® offers simple and economical installation. Manufactured in lightweight fibreglass panels, cut to any shape or size requested by the clients’ specifications, GratEX® can be fitted quickly and easily. Treadwell offers a full in-house engineering and drafting service which is backed up by our experienced fabrication team.

The FRP grating is fastened securely using 316 stainless steel M-Clip kits supplied by Treadwell.

To ensure that the requirements of every Public Infrastructure situation can be meet, all Treadwell FRP products are offered with 100% pigmentation of product. This means that the fibreglass will remain the desired colour and aesthetically pleasing long into its working life. The pigmentation process is also supplemented with a polyurethane coating which provides additional protection from corrosion and weathering.

GratEX® FRP mesh products are designed with the maximum maintenance free working life; if you have a requirement that GratEX®, or another of Treadwell’s comprehensive range of grating and walkway products, could help with, please contact us.