Treadwell's FRP Gratings Installed at the Millstream Jetty

While specifying the jetty at Millstream, the regional council required the product to match the colour of the landscape – not any easy task for most manufacturers.

Further, the national park at Millstream is a complete landscape of tree-lined watercourses, spectacular escarpments, and rolling hills. Hence, they required a robust material that could face the elements and environment of the surrounding area.

Treadwell proposed its GratEX® FRP grating with the anti-slip surface option on the grating as well as the stair nosing as an added safety benefit. FRP could easily withstand any corrosion poised by the environment the jetty was in. More importantly, Treadwell could colour match any RAL colour in its resin pigmentation. As a result, a customised maroon to match the colour of the soil present around the area was formulated and delivered.