Water Corporation of Western Australia Installs EXduro™ FRP Instrumentation Stands

During the construction of the Southern Seawater Desalination Plant at Binningup, the Water Corporation of Western Australia needed to find a solution for the support and arrangement of the many instruments, gauges and displays that were essential for the complex reverse osmosis equipment.

EXduro™, Treadwell’s comprehensive and flexible FRP Instrumentation and Cable Support System, was ideal for the intricate and varied application presented. The FRP construction of the stands makes them extremely resistant to corrosion and strong.
Additionally, fibreglass offers electrical transparency and zero conductivity, which is favourable in some major chemical or electrical plants.

A broad selection of stand configurations including both square and round profiles were selected. To support single, double or triple displays and/or controls, different stand configurations were designed. The maintenance team at the Southern Seawater Desalination Plant can now look forward to a long and maintenance free service life of EXduro™, which will most probably outlast a lot of the components that surround them.