As our world changes, regardless it be environmental, social, political or technological, Treadwell Group is focused on not only delivering assets to our clients and the greater community, we enable companies, industries and whole economies to adapt and succeed. We recognise that there is an urgent need for accumulative innovation and a fundamental change in approach. Whether for oil and gas, mining, construction, industrial, water and waste water, or whichever sector the project sits in, together with our stakeholders, Treadwell helps to modernise procedures, systems and establishments to provide a solution and generate sustainable outcomes beyond the project, leaving a smaller footprint on the environment. We address this through our contemporary solutions, raw materials, proven processes, global experience, and partnering communities and relevant stakeholders to deliver a balanced interest.

Our technology takes into account the environment a great deal as the choice answer to alternative materials, products and solutions in the global market. We strive to stem the emission of harmful emissions and thus increasing the chances of rendering the environment clean and green. Our wide range of solutions serve a scope of industrial sectors and whatever job we take on, we ensure the same essential elements – efficiency, quality and environmental responsibility. The aim is to leave a minimal environmental footprint.

Case Studies

GratEX® Provides a Zero Maintenance Solution to Boardwalk and Viewing Platform Deck

Boat Ramp Facility Stops Corrosion by Using FRP Sections and Grating

EcoEX™ Fibreglass Odour Control Cover Systems for Sewer Trunk-way