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FRP Solutions Turnkey

We provide high quality FRP solutions turnkey for projects of varying dimensions. We have short way for accesses, which stands to be a great example of receiving quick turnarounds based on the necessary steps followed.



Some of our projects do bring us to such wonderful places in Australia that we have never imagined to have existed. This lookout is made from the Square mesh that is installed at the edge that mainly overlooks the best views you have not previously seen. It is located in such a remote and exposed […]


Mini Mesh Walkway at the Side of Lake

The mini mesh walkway is placed at the edge of the lake allowing safe and reliable passage for the pedestrians. They are made with FRP, which is one of the best choices to be used at the challenging environments. They are flexible and fitted to various designs. To get more information, visit the page


Install FRP Structures at Corrosive Environment

FRP is considered as the greatest option that is being used at the challenging environments. You can example of the FRP beams that are used as the under surface tank just next to the seaside. They are strong, durable and resistant to corrosion as well. The FRP beams offered by Treadwell are best against all […]


Corrosion Resistant Boat Ramps on Waterfront

Our boat ramps are installed on the waterfront. These structures are corrosion resistant and they are available in the EnviroTREAD range. They are made with the FRP grating and other structures. They are enjoyed by the public for many years.