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February 2018 | Treadwell Group Pty Ltd

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Micro Mesh FRP Solutions for Schools

We are installing the micro mesh structures on the bridges and the schools. They provide the aperture sizes when required. The micro mesh can be the best decking variant where there are chances of objects falling down and the high heels are variable. To know more, visit the…


Use of FRP Beams on Water Passage

The FRP beams forms the cover over the water passage having the fibreglass grating that provide the anti-slip access. The work is still in the way, check out this apace to complete the project.    


Pre-engineered Crossovers from Treadwell

Most of the customers look for a cost-effective and standard crossover. To meet their demand, Treadwell, the leading company has brought quality pre-engineered crossovers which come with different height options. They are readily accessible and are available in a rounded shape. For standard clearances, install this structure.


FRP Grating on a Feeding Barge’s Deck

Easy installation, light weight, durability, and anti-corrosive nature are some of the features that make Treadwell’s FRP grating the best among all available. It is used in the construction of decks on feeding barge. The structure is certainly impressive and one can tell that by stranding close to it.


Grating Bridge made up of FRP

We have uploaded a few before and after images of a specific wooden bridge. It was lately fitted with Treadwell’s grating made of FRP. The bridge now is noted for having a negligible impact on surroundings helping everyone to enjoy safe access for many more years to come.


FRP Corrosion Resistant Micro Mesh Grating

Micro Mesh is a FRP grating that could easily resist corrosion and let pets as well as common people to have a safe access. Exceptionally durable and strong, it is increasingly used in the construction of bridges. Pay a visit to


Treadwell’s Brand-New Online Specifiers

Treadwell lately introduced a new online specifying tool called TreadSpec which helps you to source and identify varied products in absolutely no time and with acute precision. We are ready to supply our online specifiers to ArchitEX for organizing their fibreglass structural profiles. For browsing, do pay a visit to