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Treadwell Group is one the most established names in the supply of engineered FRP products and solutions in Australia.
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FRP Handrails from Treadwell’s Railex Range

The fiberglass handrails offered by the Railex Range from Treadwell are non-conductive in nature and are RF transparent. There are much more reasons why you must use the fibreglass handrails. To have a look, visit the page


Design, Production & Deliver of FRP columns by Treadwell

People often surprised to say that “…yup, that column you are resting on is made from FRP!” at each stage, shows and events. Treadwell helps you to design, produce and deliver fibreglass columns, structural columns, profiles as required on your project. To know more, visit


How does the translucent FRP grating looks?

There are various viewers who ask about how translucent grating looks like. They are best in the standalone and it come in the place. They are rare. If you want to get in touch of these products in hand, you can drop a mail at or call us at 1800 246 800


We welcome you at Strathalbyn Site!

The Strathalbyn Site is open to welcome the people to come and have a look of the new place on 8th June. You will have burgers, food and good fun activities everywhere. It is a great chance to showcase the SA team the offices, warehouses, factory, machinery and grounds. Big things are being expected from […]